package loggers

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Type Members

  1. trait AcceptRejectLogger[A] extends AnyRef
  2. class AcceptRejectLoggerContainer[A] extends AcceptRejectLogger[A]

    container for multiple AcceptRejectLoggers

  3. class AcceptedProposalLogger[A] extends AcceptRejectLogger[A]
  4. class AllProposalsLogger[A] extends AcceptRejectLogger[A]
  5. class BestSampleLogger[A] extends ChainStateLogger[A]

    keep the best sample so far, warning: changes state

  6. trait ChainStateLogger[A] extends RichLogger[A]
  7. class ChainStateLoggerContainer[A] extends ChainStateLogger[A]

    container to keep multiple ChainStateLoggers active

  8. trait RichLogger[A] extends AnyRef
  9. class SilentLogger[A] extends AcceptRejectLogger[A]

    silent logger, does nothing

  10. class SteppedAcceptRejectLogger[A] extends AcceptRejectLogger[A]
  11. class SteppedChainStateLogger[A] extends ChainStateLogger[A]